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Shumba Africa - Why are We Doing this?

We believe in challenging the status quo & thinking differently. We do this by offering convenience to Zimbabweans, local and abroad by providing the largest marketplace in Southern Africa built by Zimbabweans themselves. Help us, help you, grow an online store with variety & affordable prices. Whether its poverty or infrastructure, we'll go beyond any limitation, together.

Shumba Africa Mobile
Currency Switcher

Buy Groceries & Pickup From 90+ Locations

Enjoy hassle free Grocery shopping for your loved ones and let Shumba Africa handle the rest.

With 90+ pickup locations, you’re guaranteed to collect the groceries from almost anywhere in Zimbabwe.

Pay your way & in your Preferred Currency

Avoid exchange charges when you shop in your currency. Get a clearer picture of our pricing in your own currency.

Mark Visa & Mastercard

Mark Bank Transfers

Mark Instant EFT

Mark Cash

Mark Remit Payments

Currency Switcher
Product Search

Quickly find your product

Easily find what you’re looking for within seconds by using the search bar

Add more Quantities to your Basket as you browse

Add quantities to your shopping basket as you browse products.


Quickly change your shopping cart quantites.

Whether you are on a shopping spree or budget, you can quickly change your quantities at any moment before checking out.

Know what's in your Location and When it can be delivered

Know what is available in every location and how soon it can be delivered to your home.

Delivery Days & Location
sell your products

Sell & Auction & Your Products

Sell your inventory to a larger audience online, save storage costs and earn more from online sales.

Track & Manage Orders

Track your orders in real time or cancel certain items whilst replacing with alternatives

Order Tracking
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Shop on the Go, at Home or Work

Whether you’re on a commute, train or standing in a queue, shopping on shumba fits perfectly well with your busy schedule. Download the app or purchase via website whilst taking care of your other responsibilities.