Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Shumba Africa?

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    Shumba Africa is an Online store that makes it easier for Zimbabweans in the diaspora to purchase Groceries, Building Materials and so much more for their loved ones in Zimbabwe.

    Why Are Doing This? We believe in challenging the status quo & thinking differently. We do this by offering convenience to Zimbabweans, local and abroad by providing the largest marketplace in Southern Africa built by Zimbabweans themselves. Help us, help you, grow an Online Store with variety & affordable prices. Whether its poverty or infrastructure, we’ll go beyond any limitation, together.

  2. Where are our Stores?

    Shumba Africa is an Online Store! Meaning you can buy anywhere and anytime online and have your order delivered or picked up. To see our Pickup or collection Points, click here.

  3. Are there extra charges for purchasing goods?

    Shumba Africa does not place extra charges or commissions.

  4. How Do I Join or Register?

    To Join or register, click the link below and enter your email and password
    Register me!

  5. How Do I Buy?

    To start buying visit our main page, and add items to your cart. Proceed to checkout and choose payment method.

  6. How Do I Pay?

    You can pay Online & Offline on Shumba Africa. Use your VISA, MASTERCARD to pay electronically. For offline, Instore cash payments are available across 6000+ major stores in South Africa such as Checkers, Checkers Hyper, Shoprite, U$ave Shoprite & House & Home.

    For more info, visit our how to pay page

  7. Can I Pay using Cash?

    If you are in South Africa, you can pay using Cash. For more information click the link below:
    How to Pay using Cash in South Africa

  8. Will I be able to get a refund if I Pay using Cash

    Cash payments are difficult to refund due to the fact that cash payments aren’t associated with a bank account. Shumba Africa is only able to reverse a transactions processed via VISA, MASTERCARD and Direct Bank Transfers. We can alternatively credit your account which you will then be use at a later date.

    If you need a refund you can email us at [email protected] We will respond within 1 – 2 hours.

  9. How Long Does it take to get my groceries or appliances

    If you are buying local products only, it will take up to 48 hours. South African products will take up to 7 days.

  10. Where can I Pick up From

    Our customers can pickup from 92 Locations across the country. To see the locations click the link below:
    Pickup Locations

  11. Does Shumba Africa have a Catalogue?

    Shumba Africa has created a dynamic catalogue which can be viewed on the shop page or our facebook shop page. Never miss the latest products with up-to-date prices and rates

  12. Can I Ship my products to Countries other than Zimbabwe

    We are currently shipping within Zimbabwe only.

  13. Where can I Download the app?

    Our iOS and Android apps are still under development and will be ready soon.

  14. How is Shipping Calculated?

    Shumba Africa enables varying merchants to sell their products on the marketplace. Each vendor maintains its own shipping policies which are displayed on a product basis.
    A delivery charge is applicable depending on weight, dimensions, distance or destination.

  15. What do you charge for shipping?

    Visit our Delivery & Shipping Page to learn about shipping and delivery charges.

  16. How do I cancel my order?

    An order may be canceled within 1 hour by contacting our customer service on [email protected]. Please have your order number in order to proceed with the cancellation. In the event payment has already been effected online, Shumba Africa will try to reverse the payment into the customer’s bank account. Note that you will be charged a cancellation fee that is the higher of $5 or 3% on the purchase amount for each order.

  17. What is the Return Policy

    Shumba Africa enables varying merchants to sell their products on the marketplace. Each vendor maintains its own return policies which are displayed on a product basis.

  18. Who Do I Contact about the status of my order?

    Please log into your account to view your order status. If you have any issues in viewing your order status, please contact our customer service on [email protected] with your order number as reference.

  19. Is my information safe on Shumba Africa?

    Shumba Africa applies the highest standard of security to protect customer information. We do not share, sell or make your information available to any third parties without your consent.

  20. Do Products on Shumba Africa come with a warranty

    This will vary as some suppliers offer warranty on their products, some do not. In the event the product is covered with a warranty, we will assist with the return of the product back to the vendor. However, Shumba Africa does not offer warranties directly to visitors on the marketplace.